Top 7 trending corporate gifts you should know

Gifting season is always there but while choosing a corporate gift one needs to be a bit more calculative because of the brand equity and goodwill in the professional field. So, here you can check the top 7 corporate gift ideas for employees.

Sweets in a bright colored leather looking box:


The gift recipients will love opening this false leather box. The look of this box can be made like a leather material. And choose a bright color to grab the eyeballs. You must fill this box with chocolate truffles, candies, or sweets. Keep the logo of your organization somewhere inside. On occasions like Diwali or New Year, this can be a perfect corporate gift.


At least once a year, people go for an official trip and rest of the trips remain personal. So, backpacks would be a useful and thoughtful gift to be distributed among your employees on some festive occasions. Choose the perfect color and material and you are ready to gift. Branding can be done in these backpacks also. Stamp your company logo over any flap of this bag.

Wireless Bluetooth speaker:

People are going to love this gift from you. In this hi-tech age, people have become lazier and want every comfort in their life. For any lavish parties, speaker is of utmost importance. With this wireless, Bluetooth speaker, anyone can just connect their phone to it and play the music in woofer sound, without moving an inch from their seat. Isn’t that just cool as a gift?

Laptop Skin:

Working on a laptop that doesn’t look bright or inviting would be boring. Get a nice and cool laptop skin for your corporate folks that has a funky quote and a great color combination. On Christmas or Holi, this can be given to your corporate friends.

Lucky Bamboo plant:

Believers say that Lucky Bamboo Plants induce some good luck and energy right in your life. Just keeping something green in your office work station would bring in a good air of positivity. It would also break the monotony away from the normal files and laptops.

Pen Stand and a Pen:

This is another very common gift that you must not forget. A nice pen like Parker or Pierre Cardin along with a dashing pen stand would be a great corporate gift option.

Gift Cards to Cinema Theaters or Coffee shops:

This one is another lucrative gift item that can be presented as gifts to corporate employees. If you organize some monthly, quarterly, or bi-yearly performance recognition gathering, these kind of gifts are the most welcome ones. Cinema theaters and coffee shops are the commonest meeting joints for office going crowd. They meet old friends and hang out with office colleagues in these places only. That’s why gifting a gift card to them would be truly enjoyed. These kind of gifts would promote the productivity level of your employees.