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A short history of warehouses and pallet racking

When people think about history, they don’t always focus much on the warehouse. However, if you look at the rise of the Industrial Revolution and the development of business, you soon see that the warehouse has played – and continues to occupy – a pivotal role in the profitable existence of most companies.

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In the beginning

Once people started growing food and becoming good at agriculture, they needed a place to store the fruits and grains of their labours. Harvested crops had to be stashed somewhere, and this made sense as it also meant people could stay in one place with a reliable source of food. Storing harvests goes back around 15,000 years, although the construction we associate now with warehouses is much more recent.

The Industrial Revolution

This brought a lot of changes to the way people did things. Mechanisation meant more and larger surpluses of food … Read More

Fridge or Cupboard: Do You Know Which Items Belong Where?

It may seem like an odd question, but when you think about it, how often do you see people putting something in the fridge and wonder why? The truth is some things belong in the fridge and some in the cupboard, but some belong in either place – and it’s often down to personal preference as to where you put them. Let’s look at the items that the great fridge debate has touched on and where they really should go.


If you’ve ever had chocolate with a strange white film on it, the chances are it has been refrigerated Chocolate very firmly belongs in the cupboard category, as refrigerating it leads to what is termed sugar bloom, where the sugar recrystalises.


This may surprise you, but butter belongs in the cupboard. The cream used in butter is pasteurised, and this repels bacteria and extends shelf life. That being … Read More

Picking the right suit for your body shape

You may have been born with your body shape and no amount of time in the gym will make you taller or shorter, but there are ways to dress that allow you to show your best side. Tactical tailoring is your best weapon when choosing a suit and will make picking the right attire for your body shape that much simpler.

These tricks will ensure that whatever suits are currently in style (, you can wear them well.

Stand tall

If you are short, don’t despair – suits that give the illusion of height are easy to come by. All you need to look for is linear suits that create the appearance of one long line from head to toe. Add a deep V cut jacket and trousers with a slightly higher waist and you will add a good few inches to your appearance. If you opt for … Read More

Small changes that can have a big impact

Updating your SEO strategy does not necessarily require that major changes need to be made; sometimes it is the littlest tweaks that can deliver the most significant results.

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So what tactics should you consider embracing if you want to see a marked improvement in your search rank without having to start from scratch?

Harness existing tools

Google is generous with its offering of free tools to webmasters which can help them improve their sites and climb up search engine results pages in one go. So leveraging the likes of Analytics and Search Console is advisable for sites of all sizes.

With the data that they unlock, you will be able to see which pages are performing well and which are letting the side down, helping you to focus your other SEO efforts more effectively.

If you are uncertain about how these tools can be used to their fullest, … Read More

Understanding the Law in Your Commercial Kitchen

There are many laws and regulations affecting all businesses, none more so than catering, where you need to comply with the usual rules around employment, taxes accounting and health and safety, as well as with requirements which are specific to the industry like the food safety and hygiene framework.

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Why are the Laws for Commercial Kitchens so Stringent?

There are several reasons for the apparent strictness of the regulations affecting catering enterprises. The key considerations are as follows.

Firstly each type of business environment presents its own unique set of risks, and the commercial kitchen is no exception. As an example, there is a very real danger of making customers ill if you serve food that isn’t​ fresh or basic standards of food preparation hygiene aren’t observed.

Equally, with commercial ovens, such as those provided by, hot cooking vessels and dangerous implements like professional knives being … Read More