A short history of warehouses and pallet racking

When people think about history, they don’t always focus much on the warehouse. However, if you look at the rise of the Industrial Revolution and the development of business, you soon see that the warehouse has played – and continues to occupy – a pivotal role in the profitable existence of most companies.

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In the beginning

Once people started growing food and becoming good at agriculture, they needed a place to store the fruits and grains of their labours. Harvested crops had to be stashed somewhere, and this made sense as it also meant people could stay in one place with a reliable source of food. Storing harvests goes back around 15,000 years, although the construction we associate now with warehouses is much more recent.

The Industrial Revolution

This brought a lot of changes to the way people did things. Mechanisation meant more and larger surpluses of food that needed to be stored, and warehouses and their pallets evolved to help do this more efficiently. For more resources about the Industrial Revolution and its huge impact on humanity, take a look at this interesting report from The Guardian.

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Recent changes

Most developments in the past few decades have been about functionality. The design of old warehouses has made them suitable for a range of uses, from museums to apartment buildings. As online shopping has become more popular, warehouse storage and dispatch needs to be fast, accurate and dependable. The safety of the goods and those working with them is also important, and an ideal storage system balances both of these requirements. The online retailer Amazon is known for its highly organised warehouses and pallet systems, which service millions of items all over the world.

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Profitable warehouses must be safe, efficient and profitable. This is in everyone’s interest as it helps to reduce the cost of storage and shipping goods. If you enjoy modern life and all the things it offers, you also benefit from warehouses and pallet systems that are organised well and do their job of helping goods reach the people who want them.